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Lone wolves, scarce funding, and other myths about starting a company in the Midwest

Indianapolis has historically had trouble shaking the “sleepy manufacturing town” image, much like neighboring cities Cincinnati and Cleveland. But, when Salesforce announced the $ 2.5-billion acquisition of Indianapolis-based ExactTarget in 2013, the business community began to reconsider the stereotype. Was innovation possible between the coasts? “The Midwest isn’t the black hole …

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Improbable draws $502 million from SoftBank as well as others for desire huge online game globes

How’s this for improbable? Online video gaming world enabler Improbable features raised $ 502 million in a second round of investors, including SoftBank. Improbable has generated an operating system, SpatialOS, that marshals the power of cloud computing and distributed systems make it possible for also small studios to develop games with …

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Mail.Ru Group creates $100 million financial investment division to finance games

Games could use a good start, and today the Russians are coming. Moscow-based Internet communications firm Mail.Ru Group is announcing it has create a $ 100 million investment division to purchase games and developers. The investment amount may be the largest one from Russia to aid the game industry, and it will …

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